Tan hand made premium Epsom leather watch strap by North Straps.
Tan hand made premium Epsom leather watch strap by North Straps.

    Tan Epsom Leather Watch Strap

    • Barcode:
    • Epsom calfskin leather.
    • Zermatt calfskin leather lining.
    • Cream thread.
    • Fully lined.
    • Slim profile.
    • Painted edges.
    • Brushed stainless steel buckle.
    • 7 pin holes.
    • Quick release spring bars.
    • 115mm/70mm.
    • Widths: 20/16mm & 22/18mm.
    • Colour: Tan

    Epsom Leather

    Our Epsom leather, from Les Tanneries de Puy in France, is a premium grade chrome tanned calf leather that is prized for its unique texture and durability.

    The pebbled pattern that is embossed, through heat-printing, onto the leather gives it a distinctive look and feel, whilst also making it more resistant to scratches and scuffs. Epsom leather however does not develop a patina

    It is lightweight, scratch-resistant and takes colours very well. It is easy to care for often just needing a damp cloth to clean.

    Zermatt Leather

    Zermatt is a famous leather by Tanneries Haas in France who have been producing luxury leathers since 1842. 

    A top grade, chrome tanned, smooth, matte calfskin leather that is made specially for use as a lining leather, due to its superior water resistance, scratch resistance, hypoallergenic properties and being supremely soft to the touch.

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